Humans of the Gym June

Inspired by the Humans of New York Project, we at Monster Gym decided to spotlight our members. Monster is a community of beautiful people, both inside and out, each with their own special story. We began by asking the question, “What motivates you to train?”. The answers varied, but the common thread was that our members are all interesting and unique individuals with a story to tell.

If you’d like to inspire people around you with your own story, get in touch with us and help us shape our beautiful community through it! Simply message us at and introduce yourself!

Monster Gym Montreal Taylor


I want to compete for bikini modeling, so it motivates me to have a goal at the end of the day.

Monster Gym Montreal Cameron


I love training to improve myself every day. It’s like an escape from everything. When I’m in the gym I like to clear my mind. I’m also a man’s physique competitor so right now I am preparing for my next show.

Monster Gym Montreal Richard


I don’t want to get old.

Monster Gym Montreal Marc


What motivates me and got me started in this business was that I wanted to help make a difference in people’s lives. Basically, what I am trying to do is put an extended warranty on everyone’s lives. Healthy body, healthy mind.

Monster Gym Montreal Tony


Basically 2 reasons, at present to stay in shape and feel good, secondly to rehab my hip. I had hip replacement surgery so the sooner I rehab, the better I will feel.

Monster Gym Montreal Avi


Very simply myself, I don’t believe in any extrinsic motivation, it’s all intrinsic. I’ve been training for 20 years and the only motivation is myself. To get up in the morning, to have a good day is to train hard and get bigger and stronger for tournaments and competition. Competition time or not, I still train hard because it’s a passion.

Monster Gym Montreal Alexandra


I used to be a competitive hockey player, which is what first motivated me to train. Now its more about my health. I find this more important than anything else. I like training with my boyfriend, we’re both in the gym all the time and that motivates me even more.

Monster Gym Montreal Kanïka


What motivates me to train is the after feeling, when you’re done you feel like you are super woman. You have all the energy in the world. After that, if you go and eat properly you feel even better. It’s not what you look like it’s how you feel.

Monster Gym Montreal Kamil


To live healthy, I am a truck driver so I am always on the road. I want to show people that have an image of a truck driver, a fat guy with a huge belly, I want to show them the opposite of that. To show others and for myself. I don’t want to be the stereotype.

Monster Gym Montreal Max


Really it’s both an esthetic thing, I want to look a certain way and I also am going for a healthy lifestyle. I want to look good and feel good and that’s really what motivates me. To stay happy, lifting and training makes me happy so that is why I train.

Monster Gym Montreal Dave


“First of all, there is the health factor. It’s good for our health and I’m getting old and I have to keep my figure. I’ve been training so long; it has become my routine. It’s my thing, it relaxes me and it winds me down, bottom line is that I love it.”

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