Letter to Minister - Monster Gym


Please do what you can to help your fitness club get back into action as soon as possible!

Write a message to the Minister of Sports and Recreation (or copy and paste the message below if it suits your situation)! C.C. your MNA!

Tell them that your physical and mental health is important to you!

Tell them why your fitness club is important to you!


I am a fitness club member who is very concerned about my health, the health of my fellow fitness club members, and the health of the public at large. Regular exercise is an essential activity in that it helps me maintain my mental and physical wellbeing. Further, the most effective place for me to meet these needs is at my fitness club. In spite of prevalence of Covid-19 in the public sphere, I feel very comfortable exercising in this environment. I take my personal responsibilities for my safety very seriously, and my club takes measures to maximize the safety of the exercise environment for each and every employee and member. I would not implore you to allow fitness clubs across Quebec to reopen unless I did not feel strongly that the benefits far outweigh the risks.

Please allow fitness clubs to reopen as soon as possible. My physical and mental health depends on it.
Kind regards,
[your name]


  • Monster Gym is by far the best gym to workout. It’s open 24 hours a day, has a vast array of every gym equipment imaginable and a running track, sauna, and a swimming pool as well. The staff are friendly and the gym is immaculate and modern. There is even a great restaurant and shake bar called Bistro Fit. You literally have everything you can ever need under one roof.

    Annie S.M. Monster Gym Member
  • I’ve been a member of Monster Gym for over 15 years and would never go anywhere else!!! Immaculate facility, great people and excellent equipment!!”

    Debbie T. Monster Gym Member